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Sideshow Rodeo

Sideshow Rodeo
Sideshow Rodeo Sideshow Rodeo

BE-MAG presents in association with FOOTAGETAPE

One of the most intresting, creative and mindblowing projects in 2010! Starring Michael Baud, David Sizemore and Adam Ehalt
also featuring Julian Bah, Kevin Dowling, Nils Jansons, Carson Starnes, Mason Richard, Thomas Martin, Matt Kones and more. Art director David Dodge, directed and edited by Jamie Olmstead.

Estimated delivery date is mid of dezember.

Doug Urquhart - "Sideshow Rodeo fuses raw rolling talent with experimental creativity. A successful attempt to further evolve the future of rollerblading."

Dre Powell - "The video was an awesome display of freestyle skating! The fire section was amazing!!

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