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Selected Blading Goods

Through online and print, Be-Mag has gathered almost two decades of experience in covering the best of what blading has to offer.

With the Be-Mag shop, we are now also dedicated to bringing you the best products in the sport. Because there’s good, and then there’s great, our selected blading goods are carefully handpicked: here you will only find your favorite pros’ favorite products.


  • wheels_gc_62mm_black
    € 34.90
  • wheels_gc_64mm_white
    € 34.90
  • frames_gc_mega_colors_main
    € 84.90
  • frames_gc_mega_black_details
    € 79.90
  • frames_create_originals_OG_grindblocks_main
    € 79.90
  • frames_create_originals_OG_main
    € 69.90
  • wheels_uc_lomax_80mm
    € 39.90
  • valo_v13_maroon_main
    € 134.90