Valo V13 Broskow Cream Aggressive Skate Boot Only

€ 149,95

The Valo Brand is just about to release the AB Cream V13 signature skate worldwide, and it is safe to say these creamy boots will most definitely be another instant hit from the brand’s icon! This creamy version of the brand's classic V13 boot is now available for pre-order, so make sure to get yours!


Size Recommendation:
Fits rather tight. Take them at least one size bigger than your sneakers. Please see the shell size chart bellow to see which skate sizes share shells.

Shell Sizes:
Size 1 (S): 38-40 EU / 4-6 UK / 5-7 US
Size 2 (M): 41-42 EU / 7-8 UK / 8-9 US
Size 3 (L): 43-44 EU / 9-9.5 UK / 10-10.5 US
Size 4 (XL): 45-46 EU / 10-11 UK / 11-12 US
Size 5 (XXL): 47-48 EU / 12-13 UK / 13-14 US


Arguably Jon Julio's most personal venture in blading, Valo was founded back in 2004 with the help of Italian manufacturer Roces. One of the strongest brand in blading, an impressive team, 5 videos and ever popular lines of skates have helped build an image of excellence.


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