USD Aeon 72 Black Aggressive inline skates

€ 239,95

Arguably one of the most exciting project in recent years, the much anticipated new USD model is finally dropping this December! The Aeon is claimed to be the rebirth of the hardboot, and with its unibody construction, lightweight and super responsive feel, this might very well be true!

    • MyFit Skinny Boy custom liner
    • USD 72mm/88A wheels
    • Wicked ABEC 7 bearings
    • 45° Velcro power strap
    • 2-way rockerable V cuff
    • Aeon shock absorber


Size Recommendation:

Fits true to size. If in doubt, take them a size bigger than your sneakers. Please see the shell size chart bellow to see which skate sizes share shells.

Shell Sizes:

Size 1: 39-40 EU / 5-6 UK / 6-7 US
Size 2: 41-42 EU / 6.5-7 UK / 7.5-8 US
Size 3: 43-44 EU / 8-9 UK / 9-10 US
Size 4: 45-46 EU / 10-11 UK / 11-12 US


USD has played a crucial role in building the image of the sport, releasing classic skates that made history, and assembling some of the best teams ever. With the recent addition of Franky Morales and Montre Livingston, the USD crew is still one to look out for these days, and keeps on turning heads Up Side Down.

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