Doop Sunset 80 Freeskates

€ 249,95 € 239,95

Put some speed in your daily commute with a pair of step-in inline Freeskates

Leave all the other commuters in the dust with the Doop Sunset 80 Freeskates. Step out of the metro-line and into your Doop skates and off you go. The wicked twist on this setup is that you can skate them while wearing your favorite sneakers.

Great control and low center of gravity

  • Optimum control is offered with the smaller 80mm wheels
  • Lowered center of gravity, providing an easy push/stride thanks to the Trinity mounting
  • Short and agile, perfect for getting a bit more technical on your run
  • Aluminum base for added stiffness and an effortless power transfer

Too secure to hide from

In the process of developing these Doop Sunrise skates, the guys at Doop were very focused on ending up with a night-friendly and safe skate. Therefore, it comes with reflective prints, that make sure you'll get spotted in the streets at night time.
Add to that the "Glow in Dark" wheels, that will keep shining for up to 45 minutes after being hit by light and the in-built flashlight on the upper power strap and you will indeed be seen.

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