Ground Control Tri-Skate Frame Set

€ 139,95

The guys from Ground Control offers aggressive inline skaters the opportunity to enjoy the fast-flowing sensation that is 3 wheeled skating on big wheels. A classic frame structure as found on many fitness skates but with the twist of being UFS compatible.

This makes it possible to mount the Tri-Skate to any aggressive inline boot that utilizes the UFS system. This tri-wheel frame is made available here in a lightweight aluminum version and with a choice between 110 or 125mm wheels.

The wheels come with ABEC 9 bearings that are fast and help ad to the speed-aspect of this tri-skate setup. The wheels come with a durometer of 85A which yields a great mix of grip and speed.

Notice: On the 125mm version the wheels protrude slightly above the height of the frame. This makes it necessary to remove some material from the Soul of certain boot types, in order to create a wheel well.

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