Powerslide Hardcore Evo 2.0 80 Freeskates

€ 499,95 € 399,95

The Hardcore EVO has received an update in this 2.0 version. It is still the top slalom and urban skate, offering more comfort, more features and the balance any serious skater desires. It features an aluminum frame with a 5mm heel rise for added control during tricks. It has a redesigned boot with added reinforced internal layers of carbon fiber and kevlar material. It comes with a heat mouldable shell and a 15% fiberglass composite reinforced cuff and X-slot system 165mm frame mounting.

36-39 EU | 4-7 US 219mm frame (flat) | 4 x 72mm wheels
40-41 EU | 7,5-8 US 231mm frame (rockered) | 76-72-72-76mm wheels
42-46 EU | 9-12,5 US 243mm frame (rockered) | 80-76-76-80mm wheels

Rockered on the EVO means that the 2 wheels on the frame are lowered and some mm smaller than the front & rear wheel, which optimizes the turn radius. If the same size wheels are mounted the middle wheels will touch the ground first, creating a very extreme rockered setup for extreme maneuverability.

It includes Powerslide Spinner 85A wheels with Twincam ILQ9 bearings.

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