Powerslide Kaze Supercruiser 110 Freeskates

€ 299,95

The Kaze Supercruiser 110 combines a very nice boot with the desirable Trinity frame mounting system for a result that is both comfortable, fast and ultimately controllable. A skate that will provide versatile skaters with enough options for both training and urban exploring as well.

The special nylon composite cuff is both lightweight and provides lateral support on the Kaze boot.

The boot is made of a combination of nylon and polyurethane waxed canvas. This provides a good wrap and tight fit around the foot and good support. The tongue is anatomically pre-shaped and the buckles plus lacing gives an easy entry and tight fit.

The padding of the boot has various layers of foam with different thicknesses that provides comfort and support and maximizes the control. It has the Powerslide Recall foam which adapts over time to the shape of your foot - But will also help make it much more comfortable straight out of the box.

The frame is the Powerslide Cast Aluminum Trinity frame mounted up here, with Wicked ABEC9 bearings on 86A Spinner wheels.

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