Powerslide Megacruiser Blue Frame Set

€ 119,95 € 114,95

Megacruiser Frame set from Powerslide with 3 x 125mm wheels. A set with frames, wheels and bearings. Easy to mount and super comfortable to ride on. Three-wheeled inlining is the wave of the future. Faster, more controllable and lighter. The center wheel acts like a pivot point making these frames highly maneuverable.

The wheels on this Megacruiser frame set are made with the super comfortable Pleasurethane compound from Powerslide in a fast 85A hardness. Pleasurethane ensures fast roll speed, good grip and long lifetime. ABEC 9 Freespin bearings from Wicked are installed and come with Japanese oil lubrication for great speeds.


  • Mounting: 165mm
  • Adjustment: X-Slot (adjustable along and across for a personalized setup)
  • Wheelbase: 255mm (same as on a 4 x 84mm setup)
  • Frame material: 6063 aluminum alloy - T6 heat treated
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