Powerslide Next Pro 110 Freeskates

€ 319,95

Powerslide Next Pro Black 110 - get them while they are still hot

If you are all about a skate that scores high everywhere it matters, Powerslide made sure that this skate will score high in comfort, performance and custom options. The boot material is made out of super-foam, casted polyurethane that will ensure you with a boot that lasts for years. This feature combined with the SPC foam that absorbs shock, will give you maximum comfort and direct power transfer for a better roll on each of your sessions.


  • Heat-moldable liner which will adapt to the shape of your feet providing you with comfort and a personalized fit
  • You will get good support and good power transfer through the hard boot
  • Aluminum frame with direct handling characteristics while being super lightweight
  • Trinity mounting system to optimize your balance and control by bringing the wheels as close to the boot as possible
  • 110mm wheels with a hardness of 86A making it easy for you to pick up speed while still maintaining a playful skating style

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