Powerslide Trinity 125 Vanta Black Freeskates

€ 279,95 € 219,95

Trinity 125 Vanta freeskates has a short frame with only 3 wheels, making these super controllable skates perfect for urban and long range skating. The large 125mm wheels and the Trinity frames plus the supportive cuff and shell design underlines these properties. The comfortable MyFit liner is heat mouldable. Click here to see a detailed description of how to mold the liner.

Trinity 125 Vanta freeskates has the smart and powerful Trinity frame mounting systems that provides lower center of gravity and great power transfer.

The boots has a super smart and very easy to use wire lacing system with a dial click wheel to adjust the boot around the feets to a perfect fit.

The wheels mounted on these freeskates inline skates are 125mm with 86A Super High Rebound and has fast Abec 9 bearings.

The brake is a height adjustable brake.

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