Seba High Light Carbon V2 Freeskates

€ 579,95 € 499,95

Seba High - the classic slalom skates / freeskates! Slalom skaters worldwide already have these babies in their possession. These are the super light carbon edition. With Street Invaders wheels and carbon/fiber glass shell.
Toe straps, Seba Double straps and FK aluminum buckles plus lacing all gives a secure fit for maximum control and power transfer in these great freeskates.

The V2 has been updated for a cleaner look and the straps have been slimed down.

Seba Deluxe V2 Black 231mm/243mm frame and Seba ILQ9 bearings.

Notice: The two frame sizes also come with two different size wheels. For shoe size 35-39, the 231mm frame with 76mm/84A wheels is used. For sizes 40 and up, the 243mm frame is used and that has 80mm/84A wheels on.

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