Dead Anti Rocker Aggressive Grind Wheels 4-Pack

€ 34,95

"your wheels are dead"

All jokes aside, a 45 mm 100a is the perfect size and hardness for a real anti-rocker wheel, not those cheap pieces of plastic you find on some frames. This is a wheel, it spins and still lets you smoothly execute that Jon Elliott style grabbed torque slide. So grab a set.

Size: 45mm
Hardness:  100a


DEAD Wheels is very much alive. The collaborative effort of cult film-maker Adam johnson and blading gods Alex Broskow and Chris Farmer, DEAD is a no- nonsense straight quality product company. In the words of Adam Johnson: 'We are offering a quality urethane compound, bearing seat, and profile shaping that lends itself to stability, sharp turning, and great wear'.

Variant: Diameter: 45mm / Durometer: 100ABuy now
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