Gawds Michel Prado Rollerblade Wheels 4-Pack

€ 39,95 € 35,95

Get yourself a set of Michel Prado approved wheels

The Michel Prado wheels from Gawds are ready for you to add some freshness to both looks and handling on your aggressive skates. White PU wheel with a graphic signature print in purple, black, and blue.

Be Free with a set of Gawds wheels on your aggressive inline skates

  • Gawds wheels are shaped perfectly to meet the demands of the hardest riding aggressive skaters out there.
  • A lot of these skaters have their own signature wheel series.
  • Poured in collaboration with one of the leading wheel manufacturers in the U.S.

Insiders tips

  • Remember to break in fresh wheels in order to get the best of them.
  • If you are messing around with wheels and frames, it may also be time to change your grind-rocks.

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