Kizer Slimline II UFS Agressive Frames

€ 59,95

This new version of the polyvalent Slimline frames offers a wider groove, as well as many setup options for either flat, flat rockered or antirockered setup (detailed below). Designed by hardware specialist Al Dolega, the Kizer Slimline II frames also come in 3 sizes to suit everbody's needs.

  • Flat setups: all wheels sizes up to a maximum of 4x58mm
  • Antirocker setups: all wheels sizes up to 2x60mm and 2x48mm (or 2x58mm and 2x50mm)
  • Flat rockered setup: all wheels sizes up to 2x60mm and 2x56mm (or 2x58mm + 2x54mm or 2x57mm + 2x53mm)
  • Metal frame rockers allowing for several wheel positions
  • Includes 8mm hardware
  • Does not include mounting bolts


Kizer's first aftermarket frames date back to the last century, and the Hardgoods Company has brought constant innovation and countless successful designs to the market ever since. With a powerful team spread all over the planet, Kizer keeps on growing bigger and stronger.

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