Powerslide MyFit Dual Fit Crown Liner

€ 99,95

The MyFit Dual Fit Crown skate liner is the most technologically advanced liner from MyFit to date. Not only are the solutions advanced in them selves but also the materials used to create these marvels. For instance the 3D latex memory foam will recall its original position. This means that the foam will compress during for instance a heavy landing - But it will quickly regain its original position ensuring that snug and comfortable fit you would expect from a liner like this.

The Dual Fit is ensured by a unique piece of neoprene mounted at the front. This can be adjusted and will let you downsize it as well if needed.

The Crown liner is the most optimal way of ensuring the most comfortable and lasting fit. The adjustable flex & control lacing lets you optimize the liner to suit your personal skate style best.

Since the Dual Fit liner is quite thick in the ankle/calf area we recommend only using it with skates that have a wide shell or have previously been used with fat liners.

To ensure a costum fit for each individual user - Powerslide have made the liner heat moldable. Click here to see a detailed description of how to mold the liner.

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