Remz Soulplate Set

€ 39,95

Remz has corrected the frame alignment on their recent models, and designed their new one piece soul plate accordingly. In addition to improving your body osition and the overall comfort and feel of the skates, the True Balance soul plates also offer a bigger negative space.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Frame bolts/nuts not included


S: 38-40 EU / 4-6 UK / 5-7 US
M: 41-42 EU / 7-8 UK / 8-9 US
L: 43-45 EU / 9-10 UK / 10-11 US
XL: 46-47 EU / 11-12 UK / 12-13 US


An ever improving boot, the Remz brand is tightly connected to the history of its creator, blade visionary and genius designer Kato. Led by Chris Haffey and Nils Jansons, the team itself has made it very clear the best in the world skate Remz. How about you?

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