Be-Mag Issue # 42


Here it is. Be-Mag issue #42 just came out of print and is shipped to our shops and partners all over the planet as you read these words! The new format magazine (17x23 cm) is packed with great content: here are some of the main features you will be able to see in issue #42!


  • Column: The many names of Rollerblading
  • Showtime: Brian Shima & Dave Lang
  • Tourlife: Mexico by Pietro Firrincieli
  • Quickfire Round: Chris Farmer
  • Layers of a Wine Tour
  • Column: Rollerblading Faggots
  • Soulstealing
  • Evolution: David Sizemore
  • Who’s next: Carson Starnes
  • Best of Tourlife: Dominik Wagner


Founded in 1997, Be-Mag has been around longer than most people have been blading. From a newsletter, to a website, to a print magazine, to videos, Be-Mag is dedicated to covering all aspects of the blade culture. Their trademark has also been declined on several clothing lines.

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