Ennui Shock Sleeve Knee Gasket

€ 67,95

While the Shock Sleeve Knee Gasket from Ennui may not carry the same level of protection as a thick padded, hard-cap protector, it sure does make up for it in the way it allows you to move freely and a lot less restricted.

A supple Lycra sleeve has been fitted internally with silicone strips to prevent slippage. To this is mounted a uniquely developed material - SPC - that is the brainchild of both the development team at Ennui/Powerslide and the guys over at MyFit - Who make skate liners for Powerslide.

This material will not only absorb the load of impact but also help disperse it throughout the construction - Ensuring that the impact to your joints is limited as much as possible. Add to this material a cap-structure made from TPU, which is very abrasion resistant, with a design that is very articulated, allowing for a very high level of freedom of movement.

A clear benefit from this soft-shell protection is both the low weight and also the ability to be protected beneath your regular clothing - Allowing you to look stylish whilst still being fully protected.

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