Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Replacement Liner

€ 19,95

Replace worn padding or get your fit just right with the replacement helmet padding from HangUp

Made specifically to fit beautifully inside your HangUp skate helmet is this padding set. Sold in a variety of thicknesses, that you can use to create the ultimately snug fit. You can also match the thickness of the pads you are replacing to get a similar fit to the one you know already.

Original Pad Sizing:

If you want to match your new padding set to the original size, please follow the size advise below and pick the corresponding padding thickness:

  • XXS = 12mm padding thickness
  • XS = 10mm padding thickness
  • S = 8mm padding thickness
  • M = 6mm padding thickness
  • L = 6mm padding thickness
  • XL = 4mm padding thickness
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