USD Aeon 60 XIX Aggressive Inline Skates

€ 259,95

If you love a low slung feel when you are doing aggressive inline skating, then the Aeon is for you

The Aeon 60 XIX aggressive skates are made with the tried and tested Aeon Boot from USD. It is a fiberglass reinforced plastic boot that is stiff, protective and has a high resistance to abrasions. While other aggressive skates go together with the UFS system, this skate has eliminated it all together with "Unibody" construction, getting you closer to the ground in a very lightweight pair of skates.

White Sneaks for all you aggressive inline skating freaks

The Aeon boot on this model meets the Skinny Dual fit liner from MyFit liners. This liner is heat moldable for a customized fit and it has a clever design allowing you to adjust the size of the liner for a super snug fit with very little pressure points.

Overall the Aeon skates are low weight and in this version ready for some ground-hugging action. With 61mm wheels they will keep you balanced and ready for throwing down some nice tricks.

This product is currently not available