Razors Shift 2 Aggressive Inline Skates

€ 299,95 € 269,95

Shift aggressive skates from Razor is a powerful and versatile tool for skating.

They are built with the DNA of Razor aggressive skates for good fit, great power transfer and as a new feature the Shift comes with a lot of versatility.

These skates are designed with base, plate, frame and boots to be easily disconnected (IFC) to give the possibility to add in another frame/wheel setup - this way you get to ride aggressive and cruise the city.


  • Slim boot shell
  • Instant Frame Changing system (IFC)
  • 1-piece slider
  • Slimmer fit
  • Cuff with buckle stash pocket
  • Razors liner with articulated ankle shape
  • Oversized heel pad
  • GC FLT 3 frame

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