Xsjado Skeleton 2.0 Farmer Aggressive Boots

€ 199,95 € 129,95

Man, it's been well over a decade since Chris Farmer received his first pro skates from XSJADO. Ever since, his every new skate is the pinnacle of XSJADO's offering, always really thought out and with the freshest details. This time, the Chris Farmer 2.0 pro skeleton, meaning no footwrap included, comes decked out with the details that remind of an original Nintendo game console, reminding us of growing up in the eighties and early nineties.  The 2.0 XSJADO skeleton comes with new, extremely fast soulplates and a bolted cuff, giving it more forward and less sideways flex.


XS: 36,6-40 EU / 4-6.5 UK / 4.5-7 US
S: 40,6-42,6 EU / 7-8.5 UK / 7.5-9 US
M: 43,3-45,3 EU / 9-10.5 UK / 9.5-11 US
L: 46-48 EU / 11-12.5 UK / 11.5-13 US


Founded and developed by Shane Coburn and Dustin Latimer, Xsjado once sparked a revolution in skate technology with a visionary new boot. A decade later, the revolution is still underway, with an improved 2.0 boot which remains true to the brand's original spirit.

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